Making sustainability visible 

We want to become the greenest logistics company in Germany

So that our children will still benefit from the diversity of this earth, we have defined a clear goal for LGX: We want to become the "greenest logistics company in Germany" by 2025. Therefore, together with our customers and partners, we have made it our task to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport chains. 



All good things come in threes

The two most important decision-making criteria in our industry are price and duration. We would like to establish a third criterion in the market with the disclosure of CO2 emissions in order to help you make an even better decision on offers through more transparency.  


Many companies are already obliged to report their CO2 emissions. We show you how you can identify energy-saving potential at an early stage through digitalization and greater sustainability and how you can already react proactively to rising supply costs today. 

A more sustainable orientation then not only gives you a competitive advantage in future sustainability requirements, but also prepares you optimally for upcoming legislation and stricter environmental regulations. 

Experts for logistics cooperate with experts for sustainability 

In order to provide you with precise support in calculating your carbon footprint, we work with the fully automated Sustainability Management Platform from our partner WAVES. The intelligent platform makes sustainability visible: instead of only using average values for the calculation, it can calculate real data in real time across the entire transport chain down to consignment level and thus deliver carbon footprints with high data quality and informative value. No matter what type of transport or consignment is involved.  

More about the carbon footprint calculation by WAVES: 


Leading by example

We at LGX are also constantly working to reduce emissions and improve our carbon footprint. A reduction in commuting activities through extended home office offers; with promotion of public transport tickets and company bicycles – for us as entrepreneurs a matter of course. Johannes travels exclusively by train, Axel is converting to e-mobility, Rafal and Christoph are increasingly cycling to the office. As a result of everyone actively doing their part, we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by almost 30% in the past two years, despite a new branch office and an increase in the number of employees. In the future, we will continue to consult with external experts in this area and work to further reduce our emissions.

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